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No Strong Opposition to 144 – 146 MHz Reallocation Proposal at CEPT Meeting
Петиция: Stop the 2 Meter Band (144-146MHz) being taken away from Radio Amateurs

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The 2 Meter Amateur Radio Band (144-146MHz) is under Threat from being taken away from Radio Amateurs due to a proposal from the CEPT World Radio Conference 2019 meeting that the 2 Meter band should be allocated as a Aeronautical Band.

We, the Radio Amateurs find this totally unacceptable that a harmonized worldwide primary user band for Radio Amateurs is being proposed to be taken away from us as it is meant to be a 'protected' band for Radio Amateurs.

We want the CEPT to reconsider it's proposal and we demand that the 2 Meter Band should not be taken away from us!

Amateur Radio is still a strong and ongoing hobby for 100 years and we must preserve and protect our hobby.


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